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Our Ventures

Our Ventures

We bring forth a range of products which are made with the extracts of hand-picked, home-grown, common and rare, aromatic herbs. We have built living spaces in the very lap of nature - yes, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers - for you to give your family and children the purest environment to play in. We have made a resort where you could spend a few days in a green haven. The best part of this assemblage is its eco-friendly approach in every way leading to a pristine, pollution free, mosquito free, energy efficient, zero carbon-footprint, richly bio-diverse hub for health, recreation and rejuvenation.

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Resort area: 85 acres of Greenery

Eco-Friendly Village

Abundant Biodiversity

Pollution Free

Mosquito Free

Situated amidst 2,500 acres of Greenery

Pragati Resorts

Pragati Green Living

Pragati Sparsh

Herbal Products by Pragati Resorts, Hyderabad
Steel Foundry

Pragati Herbal Products

Pragati Steel





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