Amrutha Aahaaram

Amrutha Aahaaram

Rs: 12000/ Per Person (For 3 Days)

What is Dr Khadar Vali’ healthy diet plan?

Dr Khadar Vali is a renowned independent scientist and millets expert. He says that, if humans take proper and complete food, drink herbal decoctions and do moderate exercise like walking, there is very less scope for them to be disease prone. When we start taking proper well-balanced diet, any illness will start receding within few weeks and will cure completely within a timeframe of 6 months to 2 years, how much ever stubborn or harrowing the disease could be.

When the food itself is not proper and incomplete, no medicine would work. If the food is well-balanced, we don’t need any medicine at all. And we won’t be needing any, in future too. People suffering from even stubborn and debilitating diseases, can regain their health by using millets and decoctions from nature and our countryside.

Millets, herbal decoctions, walking along with alternative medicine (homeopathy and ayurveda) are the stepping stones for a complete, well-balanced and healthy life. These are healthy for everybody, and also help to preserve our environment.

Pragati Resorts’ Amrutha Ahaaram Package?

On 28th October 2018, on the occasion of Pragati’s 25th Year Celebrations, Dr G.B.K Rao CMD Pragati Group launched the Amrutha Ahaaram Program. With inspiration from Dr Khadar Vali, renowned Independent Scientist and Millets expert and leveraging on Pragati’s unparalleled treasure of Vanamoolikalu (sacred herbal and medicinal plants) Pragati’ Amrutha Ahaaram brings the benefits of Dr Khadar Vali’ healthy diet based on Siridhanyaalu, Kashaayaalu, Ganuga nunelu and Thati bellam.

The focus of Pragati Resorts’ Amrutha Ahaaram package is to create awareness in the public, to avoid eating rice and wheat, and start eating millets, the food of the future. During the 5-7-14-21 & 30 days Amrutha Ahaaram Package at Pragati Resorts, participants are provided guidelines on healthy diet, sleep, relaxation, meditation, yoga, therapy, and use of natural products for everyday use.

Even the healthy people can have one kashaayam (herbal decoction) every day, and those with ailments can follow the herbal decoctions course as prescribed by Dr Khadar Vali sir. Through Amrutha Ahaaram, Pragati Resorts aims to create the right awareness programs to take Dr Khadar Vali’ health guidelines to the public and achieve the greater good.


  • * To provide Amrutha Ahaaram which is life-giving and health-giving
  • * To get cured of Sugar, BP, Thyroid, Knee Pain, Respiratory conditions and other health issues
  • * To ensure that the healthy stay healthy and happy for long
  • * To provide pollution free and poison free food to all
  • * To enhance the immunity levels of the body
  • * To stop hereditary diseases from occurring
  • * To create a disease-free society
  • * To build a strong and vibrant nation

All the above has been made possible due to Pragati’s use of food products sourced from plants grown by natural farming methods only.

Why are Kashaayams (herbal decoctions) prescribed for good health?

Kashaayam and Kaashaayam are integral to Indian Culture. Kashaayams are prescribed for health, and Kashaayam (saffron) denotes purity and sacrifice. Kashaayams are herbal decoctions prescribed in the treatment of several diseases. These herbal decoctions are sourced from leaves of sacred, herbal, medicinal and aromatic plants. At Pragati, there are more than 800 varieties of herbal, medicinal and aromatic plants. As per Dr Khadar Vali’ healthy diet plan, different kashaayams should be taken for different diseases.

Healthy Life: Do’s

  1. * Drink water stored in copper vessel or water treated by a copper plate
  2. * Milk – Drink milk taken from coconut, sesame, ragi, jowar and safflower. Place your milk
  3. * vessel in a vessel of water and boil it. However you can use cow milk for making curd, butter milk and ghee
  4. * Use only palm jaggery as a sweetner
  5. * Use only wooden cold press oils (groundnut, sesame, safflower and coconut)
  6. * Use only fresh leaves to prepare herbal decoctions
  7. * Walk for one hour in the morning and evening
  8. * Meditate for one hour in the morning and evening
  9. * Cook food only in earthen or steel vessels. Use only iron pan
  10. * Drink or eat only when you feel thirsty or hungry
  11. * Switch off the lights and sleep in complete darkness

Healthy Life: Don’ts

  1. * Keep anger and stress under control
  2. * Stop taking foods made of rice, wheat, maida, milk, meat, refined oil, eggs and sugar
  3. * Stop taking food/water stored in plastic containers
  4. * Do not use pressure cooker, processed foods and aluminum vessels

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Package Inclusions

Healthy Diet Counseling

Meditation & Yoga

Herbal Decoctions