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Pragati Green Resorts is a one-of-its-kind resort in the country - it is a man-made eco-village developed on barren land creating a natural habitat. The environment here is completely eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free and mosquito-free. It makes for the most welcoming destination for recreation, event and health in the lap of nature. Having converted a non-useable land into a wonderful green belt on 2,500 acres of land without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, we have been attracting rare species and contributing to biodiversity. Situated amidst 2.5 million mother plants and trees, the Resort is an 85 acre sprawl of greenery till the end of sight. It is an ideal retreat for the aware, creative and playful nature-lover.

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'LEADER WITH STRATEGIC VISION Agribusiness Summit and Agri Awards 2021

Dr. Gbk rao, Chairman Pragati Group receiving prestigious ABSA AWARD 'LEADER WITH STRATEGIC VISION' along with G. Ajay Chandra, Managing Director Pragati Group at Hotel Park Hyatt, Hyderabad by Agribusiness Summit and Agri Awards - 2021.