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|| Asathoma Sadgamaya

Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya

Mrutyoma Amruthamgamaya ||

|| Satyameva Jayathe...Yad bhavam tad bhavathi ||

My life's movement from an Engineer-Industrialist to an Architect of India's first and unique Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park has been remarkable and impactful. I owe my success and achievement to my parents, siblings, teachers and all well-wishers. My original goal to create Vyadirahitha Samajam, and free the world of two threats of Pollution and Hunger has been realized to the greatest possible extent with more needs to be done through combined initiatives and support of governments, leaders, NGOs and citizens of India.

The land where Pragati was established was earlier a No-Go area where even lizards wouldn't lay eggs. It was a limestone quarry depleted of water resources and barren as trees were completely absent.

Pragati stands testimony to how focused and dedicated efforts on how a waste land can be converted into green area with rich biodiversity and pollution free environment.

The seeds of my entrepreneurship started during my student days. However, at my core I am always a farmer, and the childhood days in paddy fields, streams, rivers and nature left deep and memorable experience of nature's beauty, purity and bliss. A farmer cultivates and produces food grains. He serves the society by meeting its food requirements. His hand is always giving and all others are in receiving position. I have seen the reversal of farmer's fate who once distributed Amrutham to people, is now dying himself. My objective is two fold, restore the recognized, noble and superior position of the farmer in India, and creating a health and happy individual through Amrutha Ahaaram.

Pragati draws its profound philosophy from Lord Srikrishna who is standing under the tree. The cow and its calf are also beside him. This means that the tree and cow are the basis of human life, which are also the vanamoolikalu (kalpavruksham) and avulu (kamadenuvu), the prana pradaatas (life givers) and aarogya pradatas (health givers). Vruksho Rakshita Rakshitaha and Gow Samrakshana, i.e. by protecting and promoting sacred trees and the avulus the two threats of pollution and hunger, which our world confronts now, can be overcome.


The Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park brings to light the Bharatiya Rishi Samskriti and Vedic living practices, recognizing our inordinate contribution, UN Convention on Biodiversity 2012 held in Hyderabad allotted 6 sessions to Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park. United Nations Convention declared Pragati as the model for Biodiversity, appealing to 650 mayors of the world to follow it.