In-House Dairy

             There is an inordinate link between herbs and cows, as the herbs they eat reaches humans and plants through milk, cow ghee, cow urine and cow dung. When cows move around in nature and graze on different plants and herbs, they are very selective in choosing the right type of plants.


India’s Largest Cattle


             Ongul Bull. They are known for their toughness, natural tolerance to tropical heat and disease resistance. It is the first Indian breed of cattle to gain worldwide recognition.The Ongole is one of the heaviest breeds. They weigh approximately half a ton, are 1.7 meters in height and have a body length of 1.6 meters and girth measuring 2 meters.

Rare Species Cattle


          A remarkable feat achieved at Pragati is the ongoing collection of rare species of cattle including heritage cows and bulls of Punganoor, Ongole, Giri, Sahival, Tharparkar and Kapil besides rare breeds of Mountain sheep at its Goshala. At Pragati the Desi cows are reared and allowed free to graze at the medicinal and herbal gardens. This means a healthy cow and nutritious milk from cows.