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               In today’s ruthless urban evolution, we bring to you another lifestyle…If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass with a tiny dew drop has power to move you, if the simple things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice! for your soul is alive.

 Restoring ancient lifestyles nurtured by 5 elements of nature & preceding to the way of life. Starting your day with a gush of oxygen on an early walk in the woods and light leaks through the misty morning pathway.

                  Fact: The latest air quality index (AQI) reveals Delhi (307), Hyderabad (136) and Pragati (9) (Results from 65 different tests carried out at Pragati every 6 months)



               Nature has not only been a delight to the eyes but a delight to the soul. Tune your senses to nature and absorb the good vibes. Cherish the way of life, that is long forgotten in the midst of the fast paced urban development. Adore nature’s most photogenic creations along your walk.

  Fact: Lotus seeds, which contain about 15 percent protein and 70 percent carbohydrate, can be popped like popcorn, ground into flour or roasted and brewed like coffee.

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             Ever looked at the city sky & wondered where have the bird gone? Be in sync with nature, on your nature trail rendezvous with peacocks as you advance towards the greens. Cherish nature in its best form, get a glimpse of the wild & migrated birds too.

    Fact: There are more than 65 varieties of birds that found a secured habitat at Pragati as per the WWF survey. The place is a habit for 15 to 20 rare animal species too.


             You will always find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters. There is a certain science and combination of botanics which stands up against mosquitoes & insects.

    Fact: The landscapes, waterbodies & entire Pragati premises has  ZERO mosquito ambience wherein the resort is having 1% Construction and 99% Herbal Greenery.

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            Pragati has planted more than 3,00,000 trees in the area. Proportionally, for each room at Pragati there are 30,000 trees. We have created one of its kind genome banks in the world for a wide variety of flora and fauna out of which 650 plant species  are Medicinal and Aroma herbs.

     Fact: Our Bio Pharma has discovered a unique herb with medicinal properties for prevention of Breast Cancer and named it as Urginea Raogibikei.


               Out of 2500 acres, The sacred herbal medicinal plants arranged as per the direction of wind, sun and water create positive vibes. Each tree has an aura around it, an ordinary plant has 2.0 aura. These plants are arranged in a way to enhance the lifestyles & balance of all living beings within a radius.

    Fact: Banyan tree has 12.0 the highest aura. Our aura which is 3.5 changes to 4.5 when we move around (pradakshina) the banyan tree.

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             Meet India’s Largest Cattle species - Ongul Bull. They are known for their toughness, natural tolerance to tropical heat and disease resistance. It is the first Indian breed of cattle to gain worldwide recognition.

The Ongole is one of the heaviest breeds. They weigh approximately half a ton, are 1.7 meters in height and have a body length of 1.6 meters and girth measuring 2 meters.


      Fact: For every 15 acres of land there should be 5 acre Gowshala to prepare ‘Panchagavyam’ that is made of cCow dDung, uUrine, mMilk, cCurd and gGhee.! Adding this mixture to a limestone quarry too can result into nurturing green spaces.


                Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. While insects may seem small, not to forget the ripple effects of small things is always extraordinary. Discover the species of worms & insects that function in yielding rich organic produce ultimately contributing to a healthy ecosystem.

      Fact: A land used for mining turned barren, unattended and waste land a decade ago which transformed into Pragati - Largest man-made jungle today only with the help of these tiny creatures.
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              Revealing the mysteries of nature & experiencing the tiniest forms of life, the nature walk guides you through the treasures of the hidden nature. Capturing life in this fast paced environment.

       Fact: Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with an almost unbreakable glue, the chemical compounds of which we still do not understand.


                  Discover exotic fruits & rarest botanics along your journey, unveiling sources for a vital life. The Resorts spreads over 85 acres. It is part of 2500 acres of greenery, fruit bearing trees, herbal and medicinal plants.

      Fact: Inhaling certain aromas released from leaves & flowers have the ability to cleanses the toxins within our body, so sacred herbal and medicinal plants are arranged as Rashi Vanam, Navagraha Vanam, Nakshatra Vanam, Panchavati Vanam, Panchabhoota Vanam, Kadamba Vanam and 21 Ganapati Patrika Vanam.

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