Navagraha Vanam


‘NAVA’ means Nine, ‘GRAHA’ means Planets & ‘VANA’ means Garden. The cosmic energies of the Navagraha or nine planets are believed to influence life on earth. The nine grahas are Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Raahu & Ketu. The Navagraha Vana is a selection of nine plants - trees, shrubs. bushes & grass to be planted in the appropriate direction. The presence of the grahas maintains the overall balance of energy in the universe. Each of these graha is associated with an energy quality and is said to affect each one of us throughout our lives.



         Each plant has been specially chosen to influence the energies around you. Live very specialised doctors, they have the ability to cure a variety of ailments, bringin good health, peace of mind & prosperity to you & your loved ones. There Pavitra Vrikshalu (sacred vanams) such as Nakshatra Vanam, Rashi Vanam, Navagraha Vanam, Panchbhoota Vanam, Parijata Vanam and 21 Ganapati Patrikas etc are planted at Pragati to get the desired impact as enshrined in our Vedas to conserve our rich heritage.

nakshatra vanam plants

Herbal Healing Garden

     800 varieties of such sacred herbal heritage medicinal plants, other rare Mother plants and trees which are our age-old Prana Pradaatalu and Arogya Pradaatalu have been arranged into sacred vanams at Pragati. These healing herbs remove toxins and refresh an individual through aromatherapy. They have thereby enabled to make Pragati completely free from mosquitoes, bad bacteria and virus free environment. It is believed to send limbic system of the brain that controls emotions and retrieves learned  memories. This causes chemicals to be released which make the person feel relaxed, calm or even simulated. The medicinal properties are transferred into human body and does not allow bacteria to germinate.



Nakshatra Vanam

Nakshatra Name Sanskrit Name
Jeshta Sarala
Anuradha Bakula
Visakha Vikankata
Swathi Arjuna
Chiththa Bilva
Hastha Ambashta
Uttara Phalguni Planksha
Purva Palghuni Palasa
Makha Rohini
Aslesha Naga
Pushyami Aswatatha/Pippala
Punarvasu Vamsee
Arudra Krishna
Mrugasira Khadira
   Botanical Name Local Name
Pinusroxburghi Sarala,Devadaaruchettu
Mimusopselengi Pogadachettu
Flacourtiaindica Kaanareguchettu
Terminaliaarjuna Tellamaddichettu
Aeglemarmelos Maareduchettu
Cissampelospareira Bodditeega
Ficusvirens Juvvichettu
Buteamonosperma Modugachettu
Soymidafebrifuga Somidachettu
Mesuaferrea Naagakesaramchettu
Ficusreligiosa Raavichettu
Bambusaarundinacea Mullaveduru
Piperlongum Miriyaaluteega
Aciacatechu Chandrachettu
ganpati patri

Ganesh Vanam


          According to our cultural heritage, the devotees offered flowers, fruits & leaves to God in temples & places of worship. Thus the process of their cleansing happened through aromatherapy. From the vedic period kings used to offer cows and vanamulikas to not only Gods and Goddesses but also Rishis and Munis. As deities have their favourite flowers and leaves while some are prohibited from offering. The Ganesh Vanam has overall 21 trees in the premises with ayurvedic and medicinal properties.

Pavitra Vrikshalu

        Trees are the reason why the human kind is still alive. The assortment of trees here at Pragati have antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti cancer, analgesic, anti asthmatic, digestive, anti allergic therapeutic properties. Where as the Power of Silence among these naturally cures a variety of mental & physical diseases. Some of the sacred vanams are :

Panchabhoota Vanam Kadamba Vanam Vedic Vanam
Navagraha Vanam 21 Ganesh Patrika Vanam Dhanvantri Vanam
Nakshatra Vanam Saptarishi Vanam Sugandha Vanam
Rashi Vanam Seeta Ashoka Vanam Dasamoola Vanam
Panchavati Vanam Kartheeka Vanam Triphala Vanam
Pushpa Vanam
kadamba vanam